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Transforming your home's landscaping with beautiful natural stone

Welcome to Kansas Natural Stone, Wichita’s oldest stone supplier.  Whether you are planning a “do-it-yourself” project or working with a landscaper, we want to make it easy for you to do business with us.  Our stone experts are happy to help you select the best type of stone for your projects.  If you have any questions about your landscaping please stop by the store, give us a call or send us an email.

We are conveniently located just south of Kellogg, between Maize and Tyler.  Our delivery service is available Monday through Friday in the Wichita and surrounding area. Open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday,  and 9am to 4pm Saturday. Let us help with your next project… you’ll be glad you did!



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River Rock

The river rock we have in stock is GREAT for replacing mulch in flowerbeds or around trees, drainage applications, and dry creek beds. We have about 6 types of river rock to choose from ranging in size from  ¾” to 8”.  The river rock coverage is approx. 40 – 60 sq ft per ton at 3″ depth and approx. 60 – 80 sq ft per ton at 2″ depth.  The 3”-8” river rock covers approx. 20-25 sq ft per ton.

  • 2”-4” Multicolored
  • 1”-3” Cherokee Red River Rock
  • ¾”-1” Pea Gravel
  • Well Gravel
  • 3”-8” Colorado River Rock
  • 2″ Colorado River Rock
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Our flagstone is used in a variety of landscape projects such as patios, walkways, ponds, waterfalls, stepping stones, and under flower pots for a decorative flare.  The flagstone we stock is 1”-3” thick with 4 colors to choose from.  A ton of 1”-1 ½” flagstone will cover approx. 100-120 sq ft and a ton of 2”-2 ½” flagstone will cover approx. 80-100 sq ft.

  • 1 1/2″ Multi Blend Brown Flagstone
  • 1 1/2″ Buckskin Flagstone
  • Buckskin 2”-3”
  • Indian Paint 2”-2 ½”
  • Blue Flagstone 1 ½”
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Cut & Chopped

This stone is used in a lot of different projects like edging flowerbeds, retaining walls, fire pits, or as beautifying edging around your trees.  It is equally beautiful as a veneer construction stone.  The sizes of cut & chopped stone we offer are 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 5×8, 6×6, 6×8, & 8×8.  There are 5 colors to choose from to best match your home exterior.

  • Colorado Rose 4×4
  • Indian Paint 4 x 4
  • Cream 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 6×6, & 8×8
  • Pennsylvania Blue 4×4
  • Tumbled (Cream) 4×4, 4×6, & 5×8
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Large Boulders

These beautiful boulders can be used as a wonderful focal point in your landscape, they make great accents in pond applications, and can be used to create a unique seating area around a fire pit.  Boulders can also beautify a berm or make a statement as a retaining wall.  We have 6 different types of boulders to choose from.  They range in size from basketball to 3-4 feet in length.

  • Individual flat Moss Boulders
  • Palletized Moss Boulders
  • Small caged Moss Boulders
  • Glacier Granite Boulders
  • Limestone Boulders
  • Colorado Granite Boulders
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Limestone Driveway Gravel

This gravel is awesome used as a driveway or a place to park your boat or trailer in an area near your home.  It can also be used as base material for a shed or other flatwork projects .  The coverage on this gravel is approx. 60-80 sq ft per ton at 2” in depth.

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We also offer products to build a base and start your project right and screenings are an excellent choice in preparation for that beautiful flagstone walkway.  The coverage for these aggregates is approx. 60-80 sq ft per ton at 2” depth.  Mason sand makes a great flagstone joint material and yes, we carry top soil for your planting beds.

  • Shredded Top Soil
  • Grey Limestone Screenings
  • Cream Limestone Screenings
  • Masonry Sand
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